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The Asian Experience

Asian Food and Fusion Cuisine is the fast and most popular cuisine across Europe and the World. The fast increasing numbers of Asian outlet Restaurants and Catering Services indicates the huge popularity of Asian Cuisine. People consider Asian Cuisine not only tasty in flavour but also a healthy alternative to other types of cuisine.

Peking Training Academy not only trains skilled cooking but the system of efficient setup, high technology equipment with the fast & safest unit to offer authentic Asian cooking in minutes.

This is not only training to cook but also with an understanding of food, eating benefits, a healthier lifestyle and a business plan. The increasing demand for Asian Food couple with the tightening of immigration law the demand for well trained and qualified Asian chefs in Ireland has now in shortage.

Peking Training Academy training courses and consultancy services are designed to teach the fundamental Asian Food and Food Culture to individuals with employment plans and business operators to develop the Asian Food market sale to make business efficient and improve sales with low investment it also leads to fully trained staff or services to training your own staff.